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Twin Peaks

The world spins....

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Celebrating the love of all things Twin Peaks!
Created by dixie.
Moderated by and currently owned by grrlskout.

This is a community to celebrate the love of the greatest television show ever ~ Twin Peaks! This is a friendly and supportive community. Flaming is not acceptable or tolerated. Anything Twin Peaks related should be fine to post. If you are in doubt, please ask the moderator. Promotion of Twin Peaks related events or communities is encouraged! Promotion of anything not Twin Peaks related is not and will be removed.

Please feel free to post your Twin Peaks related ideas, thoughts, art, pictures, ect.

Being that this is a community supporting Twin Peaks, please don't post links to bootlegged copies of episodes. The whole series is now available on dvd so there is no need for this. It only succeeds in less sales of the boxset and, therefore, less chance of anything further Twin Peaks related ever coming out! Let's not shoot ourselves in the foot!

I would LOVE to encourage trading or promotion of your own Twin Peaks related creations! Have an awesome Dale Cooper shirt you made? Let's see it! There was never much official Twin Peaks merch, so I think this is important.

Any further questions, please feel free to contact me, the moderator, grrlskout.



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