We need to talk!

OK, I'm not sure if anyone is still here, but people, we have new episodes! I'm still coming to grips with them, I'm not sure if I like them, (I've only seen the first 2 hours), but they are gloriously late period Lynch and they are uncompromising. Let's boot this back into life!

Twin Peaks Set Kids

Just realized how many of today's star actors could theoretically have hung out on the Twin Peaks set as kids...

  • The first most people think of is ZOOEY DESCHANEL, daughter of recurring actress Mary Jo Deschanel (Eileen Hayward) and Caleb Deschanel (who directed three TP episodes), who would have been about 11.

  • Another that recently occurred to me is Parks & Rec's RASHIDA JONES, daughter of regular Petty Lipton (Norma Jennings), about 15. Possibly babysitting for Zooey.

  • Though Zooey likely would have preferred to think of it as both of them babysitting 2.5 Men's Charlie Sheen replacement AMBER TAMBLYN (about 8), daughter of recurring actor Russ Tamblyn (Dr. Jacoby).

  • Slightly more of a reach would be JAKE Gylenhaal & MAGGIE GYLENHAAL, whose dad Stephen Gyllenhaal directed just one episode, so there's less chance they were hanging around. But there's two of them, so that adds up to a chance that either or both of the 11 & 14 year-old siblings could have joined the gaggle.

    I don't write fanfic, let alone RL fanfic, but seems like there's a great kids adventure to be made about them running around Snoqualmie while TP is being shot. Possibly with a darker second half, IT-style, where they have to get back together as adults to face a worse version of the same threat. (Possibly while the third season is being shot around them!)
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