Twin Peaks Watch Along: Episode Seven

OK, dammit, episode seven, season one finale, I'm going in...

Episode Seven
Written and directed by Mark Frost, for some reason I'd never noticed that Frost had directed any episodes before!

We start in Jacoby's apartment where Boring Donna and Boring James have broken in to try to find Laura's missing cassette. They know Jacoby has a coconut form a previous tape. And presto, we discover the tape along with the other half of Laura's heart necklace hidden in the coconut.
Meanwhile Jacoby is attacked by an unknown assailant and suffers a heart attack just before reaching Maddy/Laura.

Pan to One Eyed Jacks, Ed's moustache loses more money at roulette while Dale fleeces money from Jacques before handing him a particular poker chip and introducing himself as "a friend of Leo's" Leo has made Jacques stay in Canada so that doesn't sound like a good toptic to bring up...

Audrey picks a card and Dale starts working Jacques and tempts him with cold hard cash to cross back into the US "for work". Bite the bullet, baby!

Shelly MADE Leo do this!

Jacques, its a trap!! Shot by a stone-faced Andrew Brennan.

Donna, James, and Maddy listen as Laura lets us know just how dumb James really is. She also lets us know about a man with a red corvette. How many people in Twin Peaks have red corvettes? Very popular car in the late 80s.

Shelly has been tied up in the mill while Leo sets what appears to be a very primitive ignition device. One hour to think of all the pain and suffering she caused to poor Leo.

Nadine writes a farewell letter and prepares an idyllic scene for her attempted suicide.

Back at the Packard house, Hank sweats Josie for more money, However they had an agreement. And am I right, did Hank only do 18 months for killing Josie's husband? Either way, fuck you Hank... For this part of the show though at least, he's a good heel.

Catherine at the mill, flipping out over the misplaced ledgers appeals to Pete's good nature. I love the nosey workers in the background-_-

Andy's heroics finally thaw things between him and Lucy in time for her to announce her pregnancy. All is distracted by Bobby dropping a dime on Boring James.

Jacques is now in custody in Twin Peaks hospital, providing further details of the night of Laura's murder, putting Leo at the scene of the crime.

Catherine receives a phonecall from Hank telling her the ledger is at the mill in an attempt to put her in the vicinity of the mill fire before Hank precedes to bust out all his A material pick up lines to try to win back Norma.

While Hank is hitting on Norma, Ed discovers Nadine post-suicide attempt. Knowing that this results in super human, memory loss Nadine with very mixed results, I dunno about this plot line. I remember finding this amusing and quirky back in the day. This plotline is one that possibly hasn't aged as well.

Leland learns of Jacques' arrest for the murder of Laura.

James hands Dale the cassette they got from Laura before being promptly arrested for possession of cocaine.

Back at One Eyed Jacks, the Icelanders have signed the contract for the Ghostwood land development. Hank has been employed by Ben to hush Leo after the mill fire.
Leo however has business with a one Robert Briggs. Who is saved by a timely gunshot would courtesy of Hank. Reflected by an episode of Invitation to Love.

Shelly is found by Catherine at the mill just as Leo's ignition device goes off.So thoughtful of Leo to leave a shiny axe beside Shelly to cut her bonds with.

Back at the hospital, Leland sets an alarm to provide a distraction so he can kill Jasques.Ray Wise is excellent in this scene.

As part of the fire service at the mill, Pete discovers Catherine's car and enters the burning mill to try to rescue her.

One of my favourite scenes, where Audrey posing as en escort has her father arrive in her room. Who's decision it was to have a cartoon humpback sewing Audrey's card on her corset, fuck knows, so clunky.

Dale enters his room at the Great Norther, discovers Audrey's note alerting him that she is at One Eyed Jacks, receives a call from Andy, and is then promptly shot, ending the show and the series.

Great series-ender, so much going on here. Nothing that shines any light on the actual killer, instead more red herrings are thrown out so we can enjoy the ride a bit longer. And the web of lies, deceit and intrigue that permeates the community of Twin Peaks gets more intricate. Ben's double cross of Catherine, having her placed in the mill, and his double cross of Leo by hiring Hank to kill him after setting the mill fire, what a hustler.

Leland's killing of Jacques, knowing we're episodes away from white haired Leland, can't wait!
I probably won't do any more episodes until next week at this point, but we've churned through season one. We'll probably do season two at a slower pace.

Twin Peaks Watch Along: Episode Six

Jumping back into another episode. So Hank is back, seeking to reassert control over the TP drug scene and his marriage. Leo is getting set to burn down the mill. The law is closing in on Jacques, Audrey is making inroads into the connection between the Horne Department Store Perfume Counter and the murder of Laura Palmer.
James, Donna and Maddy have teamed up and provide the cheese.

The Log Lady provides a link between the metaphysical and the real world.

Episode Six
Written by Harley Peyton and directed by Caleb Deschanel, neither of the creators appear to be involved with this episode.
We continue where we left off last episode with Dale addressing a naked Audrey in his bed.

Waldo is now at the police station. We have photographic evidence confirming Walso was in the log cabin on the night of Laura's murder. Dale leaves his voice-activated dictaphone near Waldo to record any clues he might disclose through mimicry and Dale recruits the services of the Bookhouse Boys to slip across the border to question Jacques.

Leo learns of Shelly and Bobby's affair and of Waldo being in police custody. Bobby learns of Shelly's shooting of Leo. Supposedly Bobby is going to "deal with everything", but Bobby is useless so we know this won't happen...

Donna, James and Maddy have a listening party and hatch a scheme to break into Jacoby's office to find the missing tape. Surprisingly Audrey lacks the sensitivity and product knowledge to be an effective perfume sales person. She does however manage to learn the connection between the Perfume Counter and One Eyed Jacks.

Hank Jennings does not like Hank's friendly advise and Dale offers his most powerful advice.

Nadine watches Invitation To Love while lamenting the failure of her drape runner venture, Audrey contacts Black Rose.

Harry visits Josie to question her about her stake out at the motel, Josie tells him of what she knows of the plans to burn the mill, minus her plans of course.
Harry tells Dale what he knows of the plans to burn down the mill and the Ghostwood plans.

Catherine learns of a new life insurance policy taken out against her by Josie and Ben. Her suspicions are aroused only to discover a missing ledger.

Audrey leaves Dale a message before her meeting with Blackie.

Dale and the lads get dressed and wired for their mission.
Waldo is shot by Leo leaving blood on the donuts. Andy says poor Waldo, I say poor donuts!
Before his passing, Waldo manages to confirm a connection between Leo and the events on the night of Laura's murder. LEO JOHNSON KILLED LAURA PALMER!

The lads make it to One Eyed Jacks, Ed has an excellent costume.

Leland spies Maddy departing to meet up with Donna and James for their break in. Maddy is dressed as Laura and Donna is wearing a stupid burglar/spy costume.

Ben and Jerry are eating ice cream, the contract must be signed! Ben lets Josie know Catherine needs to be at the mill. Hank is visiting Josie, up to no good.
Audrey has her audition/job interview for One Eyed Jacks.

While Audrey is having her interview at One Eyed Jacks, Dale and Ed are at tables, looking for Jacques who works there as a dealer in the casino.

Jacoby's viewing of Invitation To Love is interrupted by a call from Maddy/Laura.After Jacoby takes the bait, the Bloodhound Gang bust in to search Jacoby's place while Bobby slips cocaine into James' fuel tank.

we close on a shot of Maddie being spied on by an unknown observer.

Second to last episode of the season and the plot is thickening. Loving Ben's double cross of Catherine, as of yet, the connection between Hank and Josie hasn't been explained. Bobby's efforts to frame Leo and James are amusing. Waldo also providing a connection between Leo and Laura's murder. This episode is definitely all about the set up for the season finale thoughr which I feel like I might have to watch later on today.
On the one hand I feel like I'm racing through it, but normally when I watch Twin Peaks, I binge the first season in one or two sittings. Plus once I hit the second season, I know things will slow down a bit once we get to the mid season stuff.

Twin Peaks Watch Along: Episode Three

Episode Three, not even half way through the first season, life is good!

Episode Three
Written by Harley Peyton, directed by Tina Rathborne. This is our first episode without Frost or Lynch writing or directing. We pick up more or less straight away from the events of Episode Two. Dale and Audrey share breakfast and Dale questions her about the note slipped under his door. They keep planting that seed of sexual chemistry between the two.
Audrey informs Dale of Laura's employment at the Perfume Counter of Horne's Department store, providing a further connection between her and Ronnette.

Cracks me up that of all the specific details Dale remembers of his dream the one detail he forgets is the name of the killer>_<

Over to the morgue for more gold from Albert. I love this scene. Ben Horne trying to pave over the fight between Albert and Doc Hayward with managerial speak, Harry's big, slow how could you not dodge it punch. I like the exchange between Dale and Albert, but not as much as I used to. These days I enjoy Albert being a prick more than I enjoy Dale being a saccharine nice guy when given a choice between the two.

More Invitation To Love. Leland watching while being administered medication, and Madeline arrives from Missoula, Montana.
Norma learns of Hank's impending parole hearing, what could possibly go wrong!

Leo busting Dale's chops while chopping wood:)

Major Briggs giving Bobby a pre-funeral lecture, the look on his face when Bobby starts shouting at him, more gold.

Albert's report starts to shine light, we learn Laura was using cocaine and had been tied up multiple times on the night of her death. The first mention of a bird, and plastic fragments in her stomach, including the letter J. Soon to provide a connection to One Eyed Jacks.
Dale decides to be a soft bastard and not back Albert's highly accurate report regarding the ASSAULT he suffered from Sheriff Truman. Very disappointing.

Meanwhile at the Hurley's just when Ed thinks he's out, she PULLS him back in! Meanwhile James decides to continue being an over-dramatic sap and not show up to the funeral even though he does anyway like a big, sulky baby.

The funeral scene, so much gold here. The overly wordy sermon, the pull apart between Bobby and James, Leland falling into the grave and Sarah telling him off:)
Shelly and the old geezers mocking Leland at the counter of the Double R afterwards. And the saccharine music from Badalamenti underpinning it.

Dale learns of the existence of The Bookhouse Boys and "the darkness in these woods", and we learn of their awareness of a cross border drug ring that involves Jacques Renault. Of possibly more pressing concern is the quality of Dale's pie and why am I not having that pie right now.

We head to the Bookhouse to question Bernard Renault who appears to have a terrible French accent (though possibly a perfect French-Canadian accent?)

Another touching scene between Leo and Shelley as he heads out to smuggle Jacques back across the border. It was obvious already, but this clarifies the link between Leo and the drug ring across the border.
Shelly reveals that she has a handgun.

We get a scene with Harry and Josie, Josie reveals her fears of a plot against her involving Catherine and Ben Horne. Catherine is listening in as Josie show's Hank the safe that now only holds one set of books (the one doctored to shows the mill in strong financial state.
Ever the chess player, Catharine is revealed to have the other set of books.

Dr Jacoby at Laura's grave side looking like the Witchfinder General in his cape having a chat with Dale.

At the Great Northern, Horse imparts some spiritual philosophy on Dale and we get another scene of dancing Leland as he continues to deteriorate.

This was another fairly good episode. Despite minimal involvement from Frost or Lynch, there's still enough clarity of direction and I guess a faith from the powers above to explore around the edges of the story and the relationships between the characters that she show can't go too far wrong at this point.
We're getting more hints at the underlying darkness and evil that surrounds Twin Peaks including the underworld that Leo Mike, Bobby, and the Hornes are all a part of.

Twin Peaks Watch Along: Episode Two

Jumping into Episode Two.

Episode Two
Written by Frost and Lynch with Lynch back in the director seat. Right off the bat, seeind David Patrick Kelly and Miguel Ferrer in the credits, yes!!!
Straight away, Jerry Horne working his magic and being a prick:)Ruining dinner with his stupid baggettes>_<

Benn and Jerry give us our first hint at a connection to the Perfume Counter and Horne's Department Store and One Eyed Jacks. Again, pealing back layers connecting dots between the Horne Family's legitimate business and the emerging underworld of Twin Peaks, including underage prostitution. I'm not sure if it's confirmed that One Eyed Jacks is across the border? So much more interesting than wet blanket scenes with Donna and James.

As soon as we're introduced to One Eyed Jacks, we get Audrey's note under Dale's hotel door.

Leo needs a new pair of shoes, and why is Bobby fucking the wife of a known maniac/guy he sells coke for, poor Leo, all he wants is a clean house, and that ten grand.

The Bobby and Shelly scene also introduces show-within-a-show An Invitation To Love. I will happily take Bobby and Shelly and Norma and Ed's affairs over Donna and James.

Ed Hurley invents the world's first one hundred percent quiet drape runner.
Dale demonstrates his Tibetan Method but I am more concerned about the table of donuts. Apart from getting some exposition by way of people's connections to Laura, we also get confirmation of One Eyed Jacks' location across the border.

Interesting scene between Audrey and Donna at the Double R where we see the beginnings of their alliance, further hints of a connection between Laura and Ben Horne, and possibly the first connection with dancing?

Albert Rosenfeld arrives, yes! Straight away Albert is delivering gold!

Josie Packard discovers the two ests of ledgers that together provide a picture of the Packard Lumber Mill's deteriorating position.

We get the first appearance of dancing Leland! Dancing with a picture of Laura which is then broken. Sarah screaming "what is going on in this house?"Both characters beginning their descents into madness. To be explained in later episodes.

And now we come to Dale's dream sequence. So much going on here, the One Armed Man tells us of Mike and BOB, the future scene in the Black Lodge, the dwarf and the giant. the ring of candles.
Laura tells Dale the name of her killer in his dream, it always annoys me that he didn't write this down after he woke up and called Harry, but then again, if he did, we wouldn't have had the show we got, at least for the first half of the show's original run.

In terms of thoughts on this episode, again, another tight as a drum episode.
We're starting to see elements of the fantastique with the first appearance of the Black Lodge, and more BOB.
Again, Leo continues to be an excellent villain, and we're starting to get great chemistry between him and Shelly, and him and Bobby. Ben and Jerry, and Harry, Albert, and Dale are already delivering gold. We're starting to get more of Lynch's character showing through with him returning to direct this episode and injecting more of his flavour. Particularly with the dream sequence at the end.
Loving these early episodes!

Twin Peaks Watch Along: Pilot Episode

I'm not sure what happened to my earlier post for the Pilot Episode, it appears to have disappeared so I'll try to recap it.

Pilot Episode
This is the pilot episode, written by Mark Frost and David Lynch. Directed by Lynch. This is all about laying the groundwork, setting the scene.
Every first character scene does a great job of giving us an insight into who the character is and what they're about. Starting with Pete discovering Laura's body and one of my favourite scenes where he calls it into the Sheriff's department.

We are introduced to our core groups: The police department/investigative team, the staff at the Double R, the school kids, the Palmers, the Hornes, the Martells/Packards, the Haywards, the Hurleys, without delving too deep into how people are connected yet.

They give you just enough of a taste of 'who killed Laura Palmer' to get you invested, and then just like that, the episode is over.
We're still pretty much based in reality without any of the deeper, darker elements or the air of the fantastique that we'll start seeing from I guess the 3rd/4th episodes yet. A lot of the key aesthetic decisions are already here though including the reddy/browny look that follows the show through, and some of the quirks like Dale talking into his dictaphone, and a large table of donuts every day are already baked in.
The characters as well, most of them already have their quirks, the notable exception perhaps is Dr Jacoby who doesn't have his red and blue shades yet.

Great start to the show.

Twin Peaks Watch Along: Episode One

Firing up Episode One, the show has been picked up, and we're off and running. Lynch and Frost are still writing, but this is the first episode without Lynch at the director's helm. We're still pretty tight here though.

Episode One
Straight away I love the waterfall outside the Great Northern as the establishing shot. Cooper hanging upside for his morning dictaphone update adding some quirks to his character.
Is this also where we're introduced to Dale's coffee thing? We also get Audrey and Dale's first interaction complete with Audrey's longer hair...

I love how they start trying to plant the seed of Leo's involvement with the pan away from Doc Hayward's autopsy report. I also love how much of a general prick heel Leo is. Almost like a cartoon villain. More good peeling back the layers, we learn about the cocaine connection between Leo, Bobby and Mike, and small town Twin Peaks starts to get a little more sinister. This also connects the dots to the money in Laura's safety deposit box.

Some good stuff at the Packard household. Catherine's excellent coffee percolator prank (the look on Dale's face-_-), and the reveal that Catherine and Ben Horne have designs on the mill that most likely tie into the Ghostwood development. The plot thickens...

Also Dale's dictionary-correct explanation of 'Shenanigans':)

Great scene at the Palmer household, more excellent screams and distress from Sarah, and some nice, hokey effects imposing Laura's face onto annoying Donna, some good cheese. And ofcourse, BOB!

Ronnette is revealed to have worked at the perfume counter of Horne's department store, a thread to be picked up later, and the One Armed Man, makes his second appearance, Horse's spidey senses are triggered.
Fun scenes between Ben and Audrey, and Bobby and Major Briggs. We learn that Major Briggs is a tolerant man but that his patience has it's limits.

Great scene with Shelly, Dale, and Harry at the Double R. Amongst other things, Dale gives us great advice on treats. First meaningful appearance of The Log Lady.
More great heel work from Leo, I can't condone his wasting of a good slice of pie though.

Dr Jacoby has some serious ethical issues!

And that wraps up Episode One. We're still very tightly focused, but starting to get a bit more of the juicy scandals and scheming that bubble underneath the surface and make the show so fun to sink our teeth into. We get our first sighting of BOB, but at this stage, no insight into what or who he is yet. This is a great episode!
Hoping to do Episode Two tomorrow.

It Is Happening Again!

I think the goal is going to be to start my watch along on Tuesday next week when I get back from my Easter break.
In anticipation, I’ve dug out these bad boys and made sure they play on my PS4 (they do!)

So I’m essentially ready to go. I still don’t have the third season on anything yet unless I still have the versions I downloaded to watch the first time round. But I’ll have plenty of time to sort that out while I’m suffering through the hell this is mid season two...

So get your copies ready, we’re going to kick this off next week!

Twin Peaks Watch Along

Trusty old Twin Peaks community, it's been a while!
It's been a while and Twin Peaks news is pretty quiet in this corner of the internet.

In my little area of LJ, I am currently doing a thing where I'm listening to every record in my collection which saw me listening to Julee Cruise - Floating Into The Night yesterday. A great album containing a number of tracks from Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet.
Which has me thinking it might be fin to go back to the start of Twin Peaks and do a re-watch and an accompanying post here of every episode from the first season pilot through to the relatively recent third season that proved to be such a fantastic head-melt.

I'm not sure when I'll start this exactly, likely later this week or early next week and working on a schedule of one episode per week day on days I'm working from home.
Tackling the good, the bad, and the ugly from the perspective of a longtime TP fan that never delved too far into the theories of TP.

If anyone wants to jump in and watch along with, leave a comment and if we get some people that are keen, I'll pick a date to start watching and we can share our thoughts, joys, and frustrations (I'm looking at you, James and Evelyn!)

Lets do this-_-

We need to talk!

OK, I'm not sure if anyone is still here, but people, we have new episodes! I'm still coming to grips with them, I'm not sure if I like them, (I've only seen the first 2 hours), but they are gloriously late period Lynch and they are uncompromising. Let's boot this back into life!